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Constructing a website is not the end of the process. Maintaining the website to ensure smooth functioning is essential.

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Website Maintenance is what keeps the heart of your digital space going. Consistency is key—regularly updating content, fixing broken links, scanning for malware—to keep the website running optimally.

Hackers may attempt to access your website and introduce viruses or malware even if it does not contain any "mystery" data or financial information. In subsequent online attacks, programmers normally go after obsolete CMS or sites that do not update their product. Maintaining a website promotes security and privacy, and must include Search Engine Optimization for better ranking.

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8% off for yearly signup


+5 hours of dedicated web design and development support with weekly website backup for added security



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+10 hours of dedicated web design and development support with daily website backup for added security

All Plans Include:

  • Website uptime support
  • Plugin updates
  • Website backups
  • Malware scans

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Your website is often the face of your brand. It is where you present your products and services and how you build brand awareness and trust. However, in today’s fast-paced digital world, risks are commonplace. So, it is critical to implement certain website maintenance practices to help reduce your risk.

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Blue Ocean Global Technology is a valuable and trusted resource to our company, Modern Palate LLC. Sameer Somal, CFO of Blue Ocean Global Technology, spent the time to understand our website challenges, professional services, culture, and future goals to craft solutions specific to our needs. Sameer and his team quickly learned our systems and now function as an extension of our firm. They continue to enhance, expand and protect our online presence and reputation. I highly recommend this company!

Awesome client experience and highly recommended. After several digital marketing firms over promised on SEO and a new website, we were referred to Blue Ocean by an attorney friend. They fixed everything on our website and made it seo friendly. They then worked to create a web presence that conveyed prospects. This company is highly credible on all digital decisions. They speak regularly at conferences and are subject matter expert witnesses. Highly recommended and thank you Blue Ocean! Our whole team is so happy with your work and looking forward to more success together!!!

The Blue Ocean Global team is awesome! The PR firm our sports management company works with referred us in 2016. They designed a stellar website and have since been instrumental in building the digital reputation of both our companies, along with key executives. We then hired them to speak at our annual retreat this year and they were a huge hit. Thank you for your patience and ongoing digital marketing guidance! We highly recommend them to anyone looking for transparency and a responsive tech team.

With so much competition and overload of choices when trying to find the right agency or digital partners, we are always thankful to have Blue Ocean Global Technology on our side. They create search friendly websites that speaks to our clients. The two co-founders are people will excellent reputations. I met the CEO Rita many years ago in Washington DC area. The fact that they have a separate successful finance company gave them a unique perspective when deciding to share these resources. They are known as some of the best speakers at conferences. Blue Ocean Global Technology is a company you can count on for transparency and results when it comes to creating a strong digital footprint on Google and social media. I highly recommend them for both consulting on your tech needs or speaking at one of your events. An honest company with integrity…

Two words that defines their client experience are ‘Delighted’ and ‘Collaborative’. Blue Ocean Global Technology is best at what they do- be it Online Reputation Management, Website Development or Education. Not only to do they have an in-house team of experts, but they also have an exclusive network of trusted partners available to meet client needs. They are honest and patient, even when our team approached them a bit frustrated from past experiences. I take pride in referring them to my network of friends and colleagues. They always make me look good for the introduction, so it is win/win. I feel great sharing this in writing as I know finding people you can trust for digital is a real challenge. They have my strongest recommendation. Huge fans of their company and commitment to excellence!

Blue Ocean Global Technology has set itself apart from other web technology companies! Blue Ocean has a talented and committed group of high performing individuals always putting the client's needs first. Being a 20+ year FINTECH professional, I strongly recommend their web and social media services to a company looking for a polished image on the internet!

As the founder of Bald Guy Studio, I'm an entrepreneur in the marketing communications, website design, and branding business with over 40 years experience. I met one of Blue Ocean Global Technology's co-founders, Sameer Somal, at Social Media Marketing World last year, and I have been very favorably impressed with the company’s offerings, professionalism, customer relations, and responsiveness. From education to reputation management to digital marketing, Sameer’s effortless attitude and personality belie the extraordinary amount of work that he and his team have put in to make Blue Ocean Global Technology what it is today. I suggest that you contact them to see how they may serve your digital and reputation management needs.

For the past five years, Blue Ocean Global Technology has been our go to for website development and SEO. Great job! Thank you for being an awesome technology partner and vendor!

We highly appreciate and admire Blue Ocean Global Technology’s commitment to educating clients on technology and digital presence. Their seminars, presentations and webinars are compelling and the best we found. We then entrust them with all our website and digital marketing needs. Their team was responsive and communicated with honest, even though their recommendations highlighted more areas for improvement then we initially identified. We have had phenomenal success since they took over the on-site optimization and off-page SEO projects for us. They monitor our digital presence and our team members feel great recommending them to others now that we have finally found a transparent consulting partner. After the awesome experiences working with them, they have my trust for all of our SEO, website development and digital needs. They have my (and my team’s) highest recommendation! A team of winners that continues to deliver us results : )

I love this comany! We were referred to their co-founders, Rita Cheng and Sameer Somal, after our general counsel heard them speak at digital marketing conference in New York City. Blue Ocean Global Technology fixed our websites, optimized each page for search engines, and took the lead to educate our marketing team. Their CMO Rachita Sharma positioned our best content strategically and introduced us to reputable PR firm, also based conveniently in New York. They are now an extension of our sales and marketing team, and a key reason for our consistent growth. If you are looking for transparency and the best possible advice, you found a winning team of professionals. Awesome tech company and even better people that work there. Keep it up Blue Ocean and we are here today with a stronger brand and more clients finding us online than ever before because of our partnership. Looking forward to another successful year together. Thanks again!!!!!

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$345 /month

Code optimization and error correction
Broken link identification and repair
Website security audits and enhancement
Custom 404 error page creation
Core system updates and upgrades
Automated content backup
Troubleshooting database and server issues
Maintenance reporting
SSL certificate installation and configuration
Malware scanning and removal
Website firewall setup and configuration
User login and activity monitoring
IP blocking and blacklist management
Web application firewall setup
Vulnerability scanning
DDoS protection and mitigation
Brute force protection
On-page SEO analysis and optimization
Off-page SEO optimization
Mobile responsiveness and optimization
Keyword research and competitor analysis
Page speed optimization
Content optimization and enhancement
Image optimization and compression
A/B testing implementation
Site uptime and performance monitoring
Google Analytics and Search Console integration
SSL and port 80 checks and monitoring
Backlink monitoring
Comment spam removal
Image, copy and content updates
DNS management assistance
Server migrations
* New page and section creation
2 Pages
On-demand support
Custom theme development
Widget and template development
E-commerce functionality updates.
Payment gateway integration
Email newsletter integration
* Web Design and Development Support
Upto 5 Hours/month

* If you require additional services, we will be happy to consider a customized package with you.

Risk Factors

Core web vitals are specific website performance metrics that Google uses to evaluate user experience of a website. They are designed to measure a variety of factors including website speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. They include Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). LCP measures the time it takes for the largest element on the page to load; FID measures the time it takes for a user to be able to interact with the page; and CLS measures the amount of unexpected layout shift that occurs during page load. Optimizing these metrics can improve user experience, search engine rankings, and overall website performance.

Optimized code refers to coding practices that aim to improve the website's performance, load speed, and search engine rankings. They involve the use of optimized images, CSS and JavaScript files, and efficient coding practices. Optimized code also means adhering to web standards, using semantic HTML, and reducing the amount of unnecessary code. This results in a website that loads quickly and is accessible to all users, regardless of their device or internet speed. Moreover, optimized code helps search engines understand the website's content, leading to better search engine rankings and higher traffic.

An SEO-friendly website is a website that is designed and optimized in such a way that it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. This means the website contains well-written and informative content, uses relevant keywords in its meta tags and headings, and has a clear site structure with easy-to-navigate pages. Additionally, an SEO-friendly website is fast-loading and mobile-friendly, which are important factors that search engines take into consideration when ranking websites. Overall, an SEO-friendly website is essential for businesses that want to rank higher in search engine results pages and drive more traffic to their site.

Efficient browser caching for a website involves storing frequently used resources such as images, scripts, and stylesheets in the browser cache. This reduces the number of requests sent to the server, improving page load times, and reducing server load. A combination of server-side and client-side caching techniques can be used to optimize browser caching. Effective cache control headers should be set on the server to control how long resources are cached, and URLs should be versioned to ensure that updated resources are retrieved by the browser.

Server security refers to the measures taken to protect the website and its data from unauthorized access, modification, or destruction. This includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and anti-virus software. It also involves implementing secure authentication protocols, limiting user access privileges, and regularly updating software and security patches. Server security is crucial in preventing cyber attacks and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the website and its sensitive information.

Crawling is the process of search engine bots scanning a website’s pages and collecting information about the content, structure, and links. This information is then used to determine how relevant a site is for certain search queries. Indexing is the process of storing the information collected during crawling, so it can be quickly retrieved when a user enters a search query. Search engines use complex algorithms to analyze the information they've indexed, in order to present the most relevant search results to their users.

User interaction refers to the integration of design and usability principles to create an effective and user-friendly digital interface. It involves the development of intuitive navigation, clear information architecture, and visuals that support user goals and enhances their overall experience on a website.

This refers to the size of data transferred between a website's server and a user's device when loading a webpage. It includes all the images, videos, scripts, and other resources that make up the webpage. A large network payload can result in slower page load times, which may negatively impact the user experience.

Website security not only protects your website and its users from cyber threats such as hacking, data breaches, malware, and phishing attacks, it can enhance the user experience, support your website’s long-term health, and help you avoid the legal and financial consequences of risk.

SEO updates are important because they help search engines understand and rank your website more effectively. As search algorithms change and user behavior evolves, staying on top of updates and adapting your SEO strategies accordingly can mean the difference between being visible to your target audience and falling behind your competition. By implementing SEO updates, you can improve your website's search engine ranking, increase traffic, and ultimately drive more conversions and revenue.

Bot attack security is essential for a website as it safeguards against automated bots that can cause significant harm. Bot attacks can cause data breaches, theft of personal information, and damage to the website's reputation. Implementing bot attack security measures ensures that only genuine human visitors can access the site, protecting the site's integrity and the data it holds. It also helps to prevent malicious attacks that can compromise the site's performance and harm its users.

Plugin updates are crucial for website security and functionality. Outdated plugins can leave your website vulnerable to hacking attempts and can cause compatibility issues with the latest version of your website's software. Updating your plugins ensures that your website remains secure, runs smoothly, and provides the best possible user experience.

Malware can cause numerous types of damage to a website, including the facilitation of information theft. It can infect visitors' devices and alter existing website content. It can also result in website downtime, reduced traffic, and decreased search engine rankings.

Crawling is the process of a search engine bot exploring a website to gather information, while indexing is the process of organizing and storing that information in a database. In simpler terms, crawling is like a spider exploring a web, while indexing is like a librarian categorizing and cataloging books in a library.

Regular website maintenance comprises six essential areas including Security, Content, Design, Technical SEO, Functionality, and Performance. Maintaining each of these areas ensures that your website functions optimally and provides your audience with the best user experience.

DNS (Domain Name System) is a protocol used to translate domain names into IP addresses. DNS monitoring is important to ensure website availability, prevent downtime, and improve website performance by identifying and fixing DNS issues before they impact users.

Outsourcing website maintenance to a professional service provider ensures the website is regularly and appropriately updated. This reduces the risk of security breaches, enhances website performance and user experience, and frees up the business owner to focus on other activities which can drive business growth.

The cost of website maintenance depends on the scope of work required, and the size and complexity of the website. Since all businesses are unique, quotes should be bespoke to each individual business.

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